Gigs canceled? Take it online

We know things suck right now. Venues are closing, tours are canceled, and artists are hurting. 

Take back control with the support of your community. These tools let you connect virtually and build a stable, recurring revenue stream from your most supportive fans.

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Tools you can use right now

Bringing your community closer has never been more important. Here are some ways to connect no matter where you and your fans are.

Livestream concerts

Direct fan engagement

Virtual meet & greets

Don’t toss your set list just yet - play for your fans virtually

Tools to message and engage with your members directly

Host meet and greets with your fans virtually and chat in real time

What is Patreon?

Patreon helps you build direct relationships with your most engaged fans. You offer them benefits like exclusive content, community, or insight into your creative process in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Sustainable revenue

Meaningful connections

Your music, your schedule

Posting tracks weekly? Waiting to release an album? No matter what, you call the shots.

Monthly subscriptions mean you know exactly what you’re getting paid each month.

Connect with your audience directly in an ad-free and troll-free environment for kinder, more meaningful interactions.

What can I offer fans on Patreon?

You can share anything from early access to new songs, behind the scenes video, to merch, or even a peek into your other passions beyond music.

Resources to get started

What benefits should musicians offer?

The musician's guide to success on Patreon

Ways to talk to your audience about Patreon

How can you make money as a musician? Selling music and merch at shows are two “go to” options for most bands and solo acts. But beyond that, what else can you do?

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What can you share about your Patreon membership program without feeling like you're constantly asking for support, or even begging? Here are seven ideas.

Ready to build your creative membership business?